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Vertical Blinds

Bespoke Vertical and panel blinds provide a sleek finish to every room

The vertical blind is a new way of covering a larger window or patio doors. They can be designed with either a contemporary or traditional fabric and look great in any location. Vertical blinds can be used as room dividers and the range of fabrics that we offer can transform the look of any room with its sophisticated style. As vertical blinds are easy to clean and maintain, they are a suitable choice. They also offer simple light control, so you can create the best lighting and moods in any room.

Our Vertical Blinds come in a large range of colours & textures with a 89mm & 127mm Louvre. Vertical blinds are one of the most versatile blinds as they are able to rotate 180 degrees offering a flexible shading option.

Here at JT’s Blinds we offer designs to suit all needs, and if you do not find a design you love, we can create the design you dream of.

We also offer a repair service for vertical blinds, from servicing the track to replacing the Louvre’s weights & chains.